Screw clamp terminal blocks can avoid accidental releases due to shocks and vibrations

19-08-2019 | TE Connectivity | Subs & Systems

TE Connectivity's ENTRELEC SNK Screw Clamp Terminal Blocks offers high-density capacity, reliability, and safety. The screw clamp technology is intended to avoid accidental releases due to shocks, vibrations, or even abusive cable draw. The screw tightens the conductive bar to the cable with no torsion effect applied to the cable.

Two conductors can be fitted per clamp providing extended possibilities in electrical cabinets. A locking pin enables quick and easy lock up to ten blocks in position at a time. Flat marking surfaces permit the use of marker cards, labels, or pre-marking by hand. The company's screw clamp terminal blocks feature a connecting capacity range of 0.2mm2 to 120mm2 (24AWG to 0000Kcmil).

Typical applications include industry and commercial, solar, railways, hazardous locations, marine, and wates and water.

By Natasha Shek