MOVs provide excellent transient voltage suppression

14-08-2019 | RS Components | Passives

Bourns combines its patented GDT with FLAT technology and a Metal Oxide Varistor to produce a new and innovative GMOV Series Hybrid Protection Component. By blending the best features of both MOV and GDT technologies, the series delivers high performance as a long life protector with low capacitance and very low leakage. The series is ideal for any number of AC and DC power applications where a high level of performance is needed over time. The product series is available now from RS Components.

The MOV product portfolio offers 7mm and 10mm radial leaded varistor devices which defend against overvoltage transients such as lightning, power contact and power induction. The devices provide a variety of varistor voltages from 18V to 820V and Vrms voltages from 11V to 510V. The devices provide high current handling, high energy absorption ability and fast response times to defend against transient faults up to rated limits.

Typical applications include suppression of lightning and other high levels of transient energy; low voltage power supplies in DC circuits; low voltage power supply in automotive applications; protection from internal transients within capacitor discharges, relay switching and inductive load switching.

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