IoT application development simplifies cloud connectivity

01-08-2019 | SensiEDGE | Design & Manufacture

The SensiEDGE SensiBLE 2.0 is a new portable IoT module in a small form factor (17mm x 40mm) powered by a rechargeable Li-Ion battery. Packed with a mixture of sensors including ambient light sensor, UV sensor, relative humidity sensor, pressure sensor, as well as a microphone, the solution is a true IoT application accelerator. It provides an accelerometer and magnetometer so the device can be employed as a digital compass, pedometer or to measure vibration levels.

The device runs on the all-in-one Bluetooth 4.2 module SPBTLE-1S from STMicroelectronics. This is a certified module that incorporates the BLE v4.2 stack and the low-power ARM Cortex-M0 32-bit core. It has been created to leverage the BlueNRG-1 integrated DC-DC step-down converter to realise low power consumption in active mode. The module runs at 32MHz, which is more than adequate for most applications. Also, the module has 160KB of flash and 24KB of embedded RAM with data retention.

The module is fully compatible with STBLESensor application (available for Android and iOS). This program makes it simple to read values and transfer them to Cloud. The module is an industrial-grade customisable solution for design engineers wanting to design IoT products without becoming involved in either hardware development or production logistics.

The module software code is accessible online, and it can be simply customised.

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