High resolution, high frame rate and low-cost thermal inspection camera

13-08-2019 | Saelig | Test & Measurement

Saelig Company now supplies the FOTRIC 326 Thermal Imaging Camera. The device is an accurate, rugged, durable, and portable handheld heat investigation device, created for a broad spectrum of equipment and infrastructure thermal diagnostic tasks. The device has a large aperture f1.0 IR lens for taking excellent quality radiometric thermal images for professional use. The device has a -20C to +650C (-4F to 1,202F) measurement range to include a broad variety of applications, particularly when inspecting high-temperature objects. It provides an accuracy rating of ±2C or ±2% and a thermal sensitivity of 0.06C (60mK). The device's thermal imager has a resolution of 384x288 to give high quality, large radiometric images full of detailed thermal information. The adjustable focus lens aids precision imaging for objects of interest. The device's frame rate is 30Hz, faster than the 9Hz of many other thermal cameras. This provides smoother thermal images of rapidly changing thermal targets.

The device has a useful built-in laser pointer to show precisely where the camera is pointed. Voice recording enable notes about the image to be saved audibly rather than handwritten. The audio message is saved with the thermal image and can be retrieved during post-processing.

The device has 3.5" screen display, and it also supports mounting a smartphone as both the display and data processing centre. The built-in flashlight is useful when inspecting in low-light environments.

With excellent thermal resolution, together with high accuracy and sensitivity, the device is ideal for mechanical, electrical inspection, moisture detection, and building investigations.

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