High-efficiency, long-range connectivity solutions for IoT markets

16-08-2019 | Skyworks | New Technologies

Skyworks Solutions has announced that its advanced connectivity engines are being employed by Nordic Semiconductor for ultra-low power wireless communications. Particularly, Nordic is using the company’s family of fully-integrated front-end solutions in conjunction with their multi-protocol SoC for BLE and emerging Bluetooth 5 applications. Collectively, the combined platform offers excellent efficiency – making it excellent for battery-powered IoT devices – while giving a 4x range advantage for connected home and outdoor usage cases.

BLE is a crucial protocol for IoT, given its upgraded communication abilities and minimal power consumption demands. Bluetooth 5 further improves benefits and maintains additional breakthrough features such as extended ranges, higher data throughputs and improved co-existence, all essential elements in an increasingly dense network.

“Our collaboration with Nordic to deploy premium Bluetooth systems for diverse markets represents Skyworks’ commitment to enable the future of connectivity,” said John O’Neill, Skyworks’ vice president of marketing. “The intersection of our solutions is driving wireless adoption and elevating performance to higher levels for revolutionary new applications across home automation, automotive, industrial, medical, wearables, mobile and more.”

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