Handheld industrial Ethernet network and cable tester for system integrators and IT managers

01-08-2019 | Conrad Electronic | Test & Measurement

Conrad has improved its portfolio of networking testing devices by adding a purpose-built handheld network tester created for commissioning, preventative maintenance and troubleshooting of PROFINET Industrial Ethernet networks.

The new, rugged NaviTEK IE copper and fibre troubleshooter from IDEAL Networks has been produced to simplify the method of testing cabling in Industrial Ethernet networks based upon the PROFINET protocol. Previously, the only way to achieve this testing was to use a laptop computer with specialist software, which could prove cumbersome in tight spaces.

The new tester provides the same feature set as the INaviTEK NT PRO and also incorporates extra tools to satisfy the specific demands of Industrial Ethernet, particularly relating the packet delivery time that is crucial for precise operation. The inbuilt system health check feature on the device enables technicians to recognise issues before they produce failures that result in costly downtime. The intuitive menu uses traffic light coding to display how each device on the network is working. Clicking on any device with an issue probes deeper into any issues discovered, enabling maintenance to be performed before failure occurs.

“Businesses rely on their networks these days and downtime is costly, so technicians are under pressure to deliver 100% uptime. We have added the NaviTEK IE to our range to ensure that our customers have the best tools available to keep their businesses running smoothly” said Susanne Storch, product manager at Conrad.

Tim Widdershoven, marketing director at IDEAL Networks, added “Locating cable faults quickly is particularly important for Industrial Ethernet applications. Unlike cabling in a static office environment, factories often have mobile network-connected devices, such as robots, sensors or conveyors. This means there is an increased risk of sustaining cable damage.”