Green cleaning advancements assists the improvement of the manufacturing process

22-08-2019 | MicroCare | Subs & Systems

MicroCare Corp will present its expanding range of ‘greener’ cleaning products at SMTA International 2019. The company will show visitors the innovative chemistries which assist the improvement of the manufacturing process of electronic devices.

Tergo High-Performance Flux Remover is a non-flammable, low-temperature cleaning fluid, specifically engineered for high volume production cleaning of printed circuit boards in vapour degreasing systems.

It offers a non-volatile additive especially created to clean difficult to remove solder pastes and stubborn white flux residue. It also performs well with clean water-soluble (OA) fluxes and lead-free materials. Due to its formulation, companies can clean flux from PCBs quicker, more efficiently and at a more economical cost while satisfying increasingly strict environmental regulations.

This flux remover can be used as a direct replacement for many older vapour degreasing chemistries currently being phased-out under environmental, health, or safety pressures.

“Vapor degreasing is significantly less energy-intensive than aqueous cleaning and therefore more environmentally friendly. It is also generally faster and gentler on delicate circuitry; cleaning small complex shapes far better than water-based systems,” said Rob Lee, MicroCare senior market technical manager. “When used together with highly advanced cleaning fluids like Tergo High-Performance Flux Remover, vapour degreasing is a very effective method to clean PCBs.

“Tergo High-Performance Flux Remover is kinder on the planet thanks to its excellent toxicity profiles for low global warming impact. It also delivers consistent and reliable cleaning, even on difficult-to-remove ‘no-clean’ fluxes and other solder pastes. This modern cleaning fluid is a long-term and sustainable answer to the difficult cleaning issues facing production engineers today.”

SMTA International, Illinois, September 24-25, booth #807

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