Drive system development kits to create quiet and compact solutions for engineers

30-08-2019 | RS Components | Subs & Systems

The K4 Drive System Development Kit is for engineers searching for an efficient, compact quiet and fully customisable drive solution. The kit is available now from RS Components.

The kit comprises everything needed to get up and running with an ebm-papst brushless EC K4 Drive motor and the Drive Studio programming GUI.

There are six alternative kits offered and an additional nine bolt-on drive motor/gearboxes each providing a different drive solution. The range covers a nominal power output from 100W-356W and torque from 24Ncm-85Ncm with a variety of planetary and 90-degree crown gearboxes.

The motor controller is created to satisfy the requirements of ES1 (SELV) according to EN62368-1:2014.

The kit includes drive motor and gearbox; CN1117 development kit control box; RS485 adapter kit; quick start guide; operations and maintenance instructions; and power and connection cables.

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