Converter evaluation module showcases performance of flyback converter

02-08-2019 | Texas Instruments | Design & Manufacture

Texas Instruments LM5180EVM-S05 Converter Evaluation Module (EVM) is created to showcase the performance of the LM5180 PSR flyback converter with broad input voltage range. The device is packaged in a miniature footprint with a low component count. It runs over a broad input voltage range of 10V to 65V to produce a fixed 5V output with better than 1% set point accuracy and currents up to 1A. This wide VIN range isolated DC-DC solution provides outsized voltage rating and operating margin to resist supply rail voltage transients.

Typical applications include isolated bias power rails, IGBT gate drive supplies for BDC and BLDC motor drives, industrial and commercial vehicles, automotive body and powertrains.

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