Compact solderless waterproof detector switch offers 25% thinner design

23-08-2019 | Alps | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Alps Alpine Co Ltd has created an SPVQ8 Series detector switch for application in detecting the opening and closing of side doors, hoods and other vehicle doors.

Electrification of vehicles is progressing, and cars are becoming lighter. The electronic components inside them accordingly need to be smaller and lighter, too.

The detector switch is intended for open/shut detection of side doors, hoods and other vehicle doors, as well as connection detection such as seatbelt buckles. Each car generally has around ten such products. This switch provides an optimised terminal shape – a short fork terminal – produced using high-precision die manufacturing and stamping technology. This has decreased the overall thickness of the product by 25%, which contributes to thinner, lighter customer equipment. It is a solderless design, allowing one-touch board mounting. The employment of a double-sided sliding contact assures stable contact even in shock and vibration environments.

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