A wide range of test probes, clips and plugs available now

19-07-2019 | Cliff Electronics | Subs & Systems

Cliff Electronics manufactures test leads for many market-leading electrical test equipment OEMs. Also, their customers can purchase an extensive range of test probes, croc-clips and plugs manufactured by the company for use with their own test equipment or as replacements for lost or damaged items.

The company's probes and connectors are ideal for use by design and test engineers, PAT testers, electrical contractors, and electrical test and repair facilities.

Test probes are used in a variety of applications and provide a reliable means of testing bare or loaded circuits where several contact points must be accessed. They are supplied ready for direct cable connection or with collet strain relief, removable tip cover or retractable tip shroud and an option of an inbuilt 1000V fuse. Various sizes of spiked or lantern tips may be specified, and versions are available meeting CAT III 600V and CAT III 1KV.

John Hall, managing director of Cliff Electronics, comments; “We have a great deal of experience in manufacturing high-quality test lead sets for many well-known brands of test meters. Supplying test plugs and probes direct to end-users not only widens the market we can service but also gives test equipment users an alternative and lower cost source for replacement components.”

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