Thin film quad channel pyroelectric sensors high sensitivity with fast frequency operation

01-07-2019 | Mouser Electronics | Test & Measurement

Pyreos Thin Film Quad Channel Pyroelectric Sensors are highly stable four element sensors that provide high sensitivity with fast frequency operation in a TO39 package. These devices are available now from Mouser. These current mode sensors provide up to 100Hz data monitoring and feature internal CMOS trans-impedance amplifiers with 10GOhm feedback resistors. These feedback resistors output voltage signals centred around half the supply rail. The sensors can detect a range of gases when employed with different combinations of filters. These sensors, with an additional two channels, will increase the accuracy of gas detection.

The sensors are ideal for the following detections: CO2, CO, CH4, NDIR gases, anaesthetic gases, flame detection, automotive gas analysis, medical gas analysis, NDIR pellistor and electrochemical replacements, fluid analysis, food safety, THz detection, and energy measurement.

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