Switching regulators provide best-in-class power efficiency

12-07-2019 | Vicor | Power

Vicor PI358x-00 ZVS switching regulators are high input voltage, wide‑input‑range DC-DC ZVS Buck regulators which combine a controller and power switches within a high-density 37-pin GQFN (UTAC's Grid‑array QFN) package. The combination of a high performance Zero-Voltage Switching (ZVS) topology, within the series, improves point‑of‑load performance producing best-in-class power efficiency. Features incorporate a wide input voltage range of 30V to 60V, a power-up into pre-biased mode <6V, and a -20C to +120C operating temperature range. The regulators are parallel capable with single-wire current sharing while allowing fast and slow current limits. Protections incorporate input OCLO/ULVO, OVP, and OTP.

Typical applications include HV to PoL buck regulation, computing equipment, industrial equipment, and automotive equipment.

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