Outstanding power supply and battery charger added to product range

25-07-2019 | Anglia | Power

Anglia has added a broad range of battery chargers and power supplies to its product line up after being appointed UK and Ireland distributor by Mascot.

David Pearson, technical director at Anglia Components, commented, “Mascot is a company with an outstanding pedigree in power supplies, and we are proud to add their range. Mascot utilises cutting edge design techniques to provide robust, reliable, high-performance products with excellent efficiency. The portfolio meets global regulatory requirements and green energy standards, capturing the mood of our times and meeting customers’ demand for energy-efficient products.”

Graham Lee, sales manager, UK and Ireland, for Mascot, added, “Anglia is known throughout the industry for its high standards of service and support. Mascot shares this culture, and we believe that, with our industry-leading products, the two companies will prove a winning combination.”

Mascot offers chargers for lead-acid, NiMH, Lithium-ion and LiFePO4 batteries and perfectly complements Anglia’s extensive range of batteries. Also, Mascot offers DC/AC inverters enabling mains powered 110/230VAC equipment to be operated from a DC supply such as a battery or a renewable source such as a solar panel. A range of reliable desktop and wall-plug power supplies and DC-DC converters rounds out the portfolio.

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