New PSU offers class-leading power density

26-07-2019 | FiDUS | Power

FiDUS Power offers the SUF350 1U power supply providing class-leading power density and output power of 250W convection or 350W with 12cfm fan cooling.

All models satisfy the latest general safety approvals EN/IEC/UL 623681-1 (2nd Ed), also meet FCC Part-15, CISPR-32, EN55032 Class B emission limits and EN55024 with no further components, and are CE marked conforming to the latest RoHS approval. Fitting in a 1U enclosure the power supplies provide an optional 12V 100mA fan output, highlight a universal input, 90 to 264VAC (47 to 63Hz) with no derating, giving full output power worldwide.

Single output voltages are offered over the range 12 to 48VDC, and the power supplies are protected against short circuit, over-voltage and overload.

The conducted emissions of the units are very impressive with a minimum of 15DBuV clearance for minimum EMC mitigation requirements for noisy loads.

Comments Mark Gibbons, engineering manager at FiDUS Power: “With its low profile 1U height and ultra-compact 3" x 5" footprint our new 350W power supply offers an ideal solution for rack-mounted systems or low-profile free-standing end products and ensures maximum space is left available in the enclosure for functional system components. The exceptional EMC results will make certification much easier for noisier loads, possibly without the need for further filtration.”

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