New protective and safety eyewear selector tool

26-07-2019 | RS Components | Subs & Systems

Aimed at PPE professionals, the ‘3M Eyewear Product Selector’ helps customers make decisions on choosing the correct protective eyewear by asking a short series of questions to speedily establish the most fitting PPE/safety product for their application.

Major concerns for protective eyewear users in industrial environments incorporate serious hazards associated in the use of chemicals, for example, or environments where high-speed solid particles are flying about. Other significant criteria to acknowledge in the selection process include expected light levels available for workers; whether the eyewear will be employed indoors or outside; the level of user comfort needed, particularly if a user will be wearing protective eyewear all day and every day; and if a specific user wears prescription lenses or not.

All these concerns are addressed by the selector, allowing customers to select the correct eyewear product decision for their employees.

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