Fool-proof connector system for medical system applications

17-07-2019 | Binder | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Binder offers a fool-proof connector system created for applications including patient monitoring in the medical and home health care industry. Key selection criteria for defining a connector system, especially in the medical sector, is how often the connector will be mated and the environmental protection needed when in use. The IP rating defines the degree of protection to dust and liquid, and medical connectors are typically rated IP54 and above.

To answer the demand for a simple and reliable medical connector system, the company has developed its Series 570 ELC particularly for use where the demand for constant mating and un-mating is an important factor. The company has created the connector to be able to give more than 5000 mating cycles, which is sufficient to meet the operating conditions of many medical system applications.

The connector highlights an intuitive locking system that clicks together to provide positive mating and protection against un-mating. It is also impossible to mismate the system as the mating position is determined by the profile shape of the mating area. Even un-mated, the female panel mount connector has been created to give protection against the ingress of water splash, liquids and accidental electrical contact and, when mated, the new connector protects to IP54.

Other significant features offer a PA66 plastic housing, 12 gold plated contacts rated at 2A, 150V. Wire size is 0.25mm2 and operating temperature range is -25C to +85C.

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