Flame retardant structural epoxy adhesive ideal for long-lasting load-bearing joints

08-07-2019 | RS Components | Subs & Systems

MG Chemicals 9200FR is a toughened, flame retardant, two-part epoxy adhesive, designed to create long-lasting load-bearing joints. The epoxy adhesive is available now from RS Components. It adheres firmly to materials that are challenging to bond to, including glass, metals, engineered thermoplastics, ceramics, and thermoset laminates, such as SMC and GRP. It produces tough vibration-resistant bonds and is particularly useful for bonding dissimilar materials that can experience thermal cycling stresses.

This adhesive also gives excellent electrical insulation and protects against static discharges, galvanic corrosion, environmental humidity, thermal shocks, fungus, salt water, and many harsh chemicals.

It is smooth, non-sagging and thixotropic, so it is ideal for application on vertical surfaces and gap-filling. It is also ideal for potting electronics in enclosures with gaps where a non-thixotropic encapsulant would flow through.

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