Easy to use coil current probes for AC or fast pulse current measurements

17-07-2019 | Saelig | Test & Measurement

Saelig Company offers the Teledyne Test Tools T3RC Rogowski Current Probes that provide broad current measurement ranges and a wide frequency span which offer easy to use in difficult-to-reach parts of circuits. Five models are available, giving measurement capabilities up to 6,000A and with the ability to connect around the leg of a small T0-220 device. The probes connect to any standard oscilloscope through a conventional BNC connection.

The flexibility of the probe sense coil indicates that measurements can normally be made with no modification to the circuit under test, providing more accurate electrically-isolated results with a very low insertion load (a few pH). Being created for either battery power or wall plug operation, these probes are both suited to field work or benchtop measurements.

The T3RC0300-UM version offers the smallest cross-section sense coil at only 1.7mm to enable probing around the leg of small power components such as inductors, capacitors or switching devices as small as a TO-220 MOSFET. The T3RC0600-HF and T3RC3000-HF models satisfy applications up to 600A and 3000A, respectively. With extended high-frequency coverage, 5kV peak insulation and a wide operating temperature range from -40C to +125C, these probes are excellent for both industrial temperature and general environments. The T3RC3000-LF and T3RC6000-LF versions provide an extended low-frequency performance down to less than 1Hz. The low-frequency performance signifies that the maximum droop on low-frequency pulses is typically 0.1%/ms or less while providing the highest level of peak insulation of 10kV and an operating temperature range of -20C to +100C.

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