Dual-channel multi-rate retimer reduces PCB routing complexity and BOM cost

03-07-2019 | Texas Instruments | Subs & Systems

Texas Instruments DS250DF230 Dual-Channel Multi-Rate Retimer is employed to increase the reach and robustness of long, lossy, crosstalk-impaired high-speed serial links and while delivering a BER of 10–15 or less. Each channel of the device separately locks to serial data rates in a continuous range from 19.6Gbps to 25.8Gbps. It also supports sub-rates (÷2 and ÷4), including key data rates such as 12.16512Gbps, 9.8304Gbps, 6.144Gbps. The device has a single power supply and a minimum requirement for external components. These features decrease PCB routing complexity and BOM cost. Typical applications for the device include jitter cleaning for front-port optical interface in wireless and wired systems; backplane/mid-plane reach extension; active cable assemblies; 02.3bj 100GbE, InfiniBand EDR, and OIF-CEI-25G-LR/MR/SR/VSR electrical interfaces; and SFP28, QSFP28, CFP2/CFP4, CDFP.

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