Base station simulator now supports tests of next-generation emergency call system

17-07-2019 | Anritsu | Test & Measurement

Anritsu Corporation has extended its eCall test solution, incorporating a combination of the Base Station Simulator MD8475A/B and the eCall Tester MX703330E software, to support the next-generation emergency call system (NG-eCall).

Current eCall deployments are based on ETSI and CEN standards utilising an in-band modem to transport eCall data (MSD) over CS GSM and UMTS networks. However, EU operators plan to phase-out support for GSM and UMTS and move to all-IP infrastructures like LTE and 5G in the next ten years. eCall support for IP networks has many benefits, including greater stability and reliability so that NG112 eCall will be arriving soon.

The company is now adding the option to its accurate and comprehensive eCall Tester MX703330E GSM-based eCall test solution to implement RFC8147-defined NG-eCall function tests and end-to-end voice evaluation.

The company also offers what is claimed to be the world's first test solutions to validate TCU with eCall functions by supporting 1Gbit LTE simulation and NG-eCall tests using one MD8475B unit, giving both optimum coverage for general telematics tests and helping cut test costs.

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