USB with LCD MCU development module interfaces directly with any MCU

24-06-2019 | RS Components | Design & Manufacture

The Bridgetek VM816C are development modules for the company's BT816, which are employed to develop and demonstrate the functionality of the BT816 Embedded Video Engine, EVE. There are two varieties of the modules. The SPI variation behaves as an SPI slave and needs an SPI Master for proper micro-controller interfacing and system integration. The USB variation of the module functions as a USB slave and needs control from a USB host.

The device supports 5” displays with resistive touch control and includes 16Mbyte flash for bitmaps and other design asset storage, backlight control and a connector for an audio speaker.

Also available is a module PCBA together with a 5” LCD panel pre-assembled and tested at the factory or a module PCBA only. For the module PCBA, users can also attach to different LCD screens as long as they satisfy the BT816 technical specification and fit the LCD connector.

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