Soil sensor mini kit shows if plant needs watering

10-06-2019 | Mouser Electronics | Test & Measurement

Adafruit Circuit Playground Express Soil Sensor Mini Kit is designed to measure the soil moisture content. This kit, available now from Mouser, is based on the Circuit Playground Express platform and delivers the measurement utilising a nail and alligator clip. As the moisture encompassing a nail in the plant pot rises, the board detects the change and outputs the result as through the design. The platform assists the user to program and runs the code in MakeCode, CircuitPython, Arduino, and CS Discoveries environments.

The quantity of moisture in the soil can be measured by the board and indicators employed to show if the plant requires watering. The soil sensor mini kit includes the Circuit Playground Express, AAA Alkaline batteries, 38cm long alligator clip, and an 8cm long stainless steel nail. This kit enables the flora to be hydrated and to be in excellent condition.

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