Large format digital DC shunt ammeters provide precise measurement and display of current

11-06-2019 | Mouser Electronics | Test & Measurement

Murata Power Solutions DMS01-AM Large Format Digital DC Shunt Ammeters are very robust and extremely configurable digital panel meters that offer precise measurement and display of DC current. The panel meters also maintain a broad range of external shunts. DIP switches ease selection and setup of shunt current/voltage input ranges and highlight a visible red 1" (25mm) tall 3.5-4.5 digit, seven-segment LED display with adjustable brightness.

These ammeters incorporate independent offset and scale adjustment trim-potentiometers that optimise precision for specialised applications. The internal digital filter improves performance in electrically noisy environments. An external 12VDC power source supplies power to the meter. An internal DC-DC converter accommodates a ±48V common-mode measurement range concerning the power supply input. This converter also supports both low or high side measurement, simplifying an extensive range of measurement applications.

These digital panel meters are excellent for laboratory instrumentation, factory automation, and other applications needing precise current monitoring.

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