IGBT gate drivers include an isolated flyback controller

20-06-2019 | Analog Devices | Power

Analog Devices ADUM4138 IGBT Gate Drivers incorporate an isolated flyback controller, providing simple secondary voltage generation. The device combines overcurrent detection protecting the IGBT in case of desaturation and overcurrent events. The overcurrent detection is joined with a high speed, two-level turn off function as protection against faults. The device provides a low gate voltage detection circuit, which triggers a fault if the gate voltage fails to rise above the internal threshold within the time permitted after turn on (12.8μs typical). IGBT device failures that present gate shorts or other causes of a weak drive are identified through the low voltage detection circuit.

An SPI bus on the primary side of the device offers in-field programming of temperature sensing diode gains and offsets. The values are saved on an EEPROM located on the secondary side of the device. Further, programming is offered for specific VDD2 voltages, temperature sensing reporting frequencies, and overcurrent blanking times.

The device highlights isolated fault reporting for overcurrent events, remote temperature overheating events, UVLO, TSD, and desaturation detection.

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