Four-port USB hub ideal for computer systems, set-top boxes and more

20-06-2019 | Texas Instruments | Subs & Systems

Texas Instruments TUSB8044A Four-Port USB 3.2 x1 Gen1 Hub provides simultaneous SuperSpeed USB and high-speed/full-speed connections on the upstream port. The device also offers SuperSpeed USB, full-speed, high-speed, or low-speed connections on the downstream ports. When the upstream port is attached to an electrical environment only supporting high-speed or full-speed/low-speed connections, SuperSpeed USB connectivity is disabled on the downstream ports. When the upstream port is connected to an electrical environment that only supports full-speed/low-speed connections, SuperSpeed USB and high-speed connectivity are disabled on the downstream ports.

The device supports per port or ganged power switching and over-current protection, and maintains battery charging applications. An individually port power controlled hub switches power on or off to each downstream port as demanded by the USB host. Also, when an independently port power controlled hub senses an over-current event, just power to the affected downstream port will be switched off. A ganged hub turns on power to all its downstream ports when power is needed to be on for any port. The power to the downstream ports is not turned off unless all ports are in a state that enables power to be excluded. Furthermore, when a ganged hub senses an over-current event, power to all downstream ports will be switched off.

Typical applications include computer systems, docking stations, monitors, and set-top boxes.

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