DIN-rail power supply is Industry 4.0 ready

06-06-2019 | Pulse Power & Measurement Ltd. | Power

PULS Power announces their first power supply offering systems architects real-time information on power, temperature and status data, supplied direct from the power supply via their proprietary IO-Link port.

“A power supply is situated at a central nodal point in any system, “comments Marco van der Linden, UK Country manager for PULS.” There is more than just output current flowing, a power supply can be used to record a significant amount of real-time information that is of particular interest to the end user as well as the system manufacturer.”

This data can assist in increasing system availability and lessen maintenance and running costs. An IO-Link connected power supply has the potential (in parallel with its function as a converter) to also serve as a sensor node and make a notable contribution to the IIoT.

The DIMENSION QT40.241-B2 from the company brings to market the first three-phase DIN rail power supply (24V/40A) that makes this system data available to users via an I/O port.

Marco van der Linden continues, ”Our IO-Link device was award-winning even before its market launch. The Manufacturing Leadership Council of consulting firm Frost & Sullivan looks for innovations that contribute to digitalisation in the production industry. We submitted the QT40.241-B2 to the panel in the first quarter of 2018. The panel members conducted intensive tests to examine the added value that the power supply offers production companies and were impressed by the user-oriented strategy of PULS. The result was the QT40.241-B2 being awarded the respected Manufacturing Leadership Award even before its official market launch.”

Typical applications for the power supplies include industrial and process control, building automation, panel-building, test and measurement, instrumentation and communications systems. Versions are available approved for railway systems and ruggedised for harsh environments.

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