Die cast metal and stainless steel interlock lock provides security

26-06-2019 | RS Components | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

The IDEM M-BS Bolt Interlock works on the system that when the key is 'free' the bolt is elongated and the bolt is locked in position. The 'free' key is then located in the Isolator Switch or Key Exchange System if part of a multi-key system. Once the key is in the switch or exchange system power can then be re-applied to the shielded area. Only when the key is inserted into the device can the bolt be retracted - at this point the bolt is unlocked. While the bolt is retracted the key is confined in the device. Only when the bolt is extended by turning the key can the key be released for placing back into the switch or system.

Manufactured in die-cast metal with a high mirror polished finish the device is ideal for SIP and CIP cleaning processes with high pressure hosing using detergents at high temperatures.