Analysis tool records live power needs and thermal conditions in client applications

20-06-2019 | Pulse Power & Measurement Ltd. | Test & Measurement

PULS Power believes that system availability, cost efficiency and scheduled maintenance are the essential criteria for most industrial and building automation system designers and installers.

During the system design process, the company works closely with its customers to provide detailed advice on selecting the optimum power supply for their specific applications. To enhance this service, PULS has developed the unique SmartFab Box.

The SmartFab Box is an innovative diagnostics tool, which gives the power demands and thermal conditions in systems and installations transparent. It enables users to check and specify their power budgets right on their own systems, live and completely securely.

The solution is available to the company's customers free of charge for a limited period or it may be leased for longer-term analysis of the effects of changes or improvements to power systems. This unique user service assists in selecting the right power supply and evading over specifying excessively large power reserves.

Typical applications for PULS DIN-Rail power supplies include industrial and process control, building automation, panel-building, test and measurement, instrumentation and communications systems. Versions are available approved for railway systems and ruggedised for harsh environments.

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