480W DIN rail power supplies ruggedised and certified for hazardous locations

27-06-2019 | Traco Power | Power

These products offer a new performance level for industrial applications. The devices feature 24/48V outputs (-2% ~ +17% VADJ Range); high efficiency of 95%; 150% peak power for four seconds; are packaged in a rugged metal enclosure that is EN61373 qualified for railway shock and vibration. Protection circuits incorporate back power immunity, short-circuit/overload protection and a DC OK dry signal contact.

A slim design enables optional side mounting in flat panels with DC-OK LED indicators on the front and side panels. Decreased heat dissipation allows a -40C to +60C full load operating temperature range (up to +70C with only 20% de-rating). Outputs are radio-interference-suppressed to prevent radiation at long output lines decreasing common mode current within limits of telecommunication ports. The units work with a high power-factor of up to 99% with active power factor correction, which also lessens input inrush current.

All models are safety approved to satisfy UL/EN 60950-1, UL508 listed, EN 600079-0/-7/-15, ATEX II3G and UL HazLoc Class I, Division 2 with EN55032 Class B for both radiated and conducted emissions. High reliability of >1 million hours per IEC 60079-0 is supported by the company's extended five-year product warranty.

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