RGB LED drivers for lighting, indicators and fun light applications

28-05-2019 | Texas Instruments | Lighting Technologies

Texas Instruments LP503x RGB LED Drivers provide 30 or 36-channel constant-current-sink with a 29kHz, 12-Bit PWM generator for each channel. The drivers have channel/module independent colour mixing and intensity control registers to facilitate vivid LED effects with zero audible noise. The device gives benefits such as ultra-low shutdown Iq Power Saving Mode and straightforward software coding of the device’s three programmable RGB banks. The 29kHz, 12-Bit PWM resolution gives an intensity that diminishes smoothly and stops audible noise. The drivers implement a PWM phase-shifting function to assist in reducing the input power budget when LEDs turn on together. The device offers an automatic power-saving mode to get the ultra-low quiescent current. The drivers can be a potential option for battery-powered end equipment when channels are all off for 30ms, and the device total power consumption is reduced to 10µA.

Typical applications include LED lighting, indicator lights, and fun lights for smart speaker, smart home appliances, electric smart lock, smoke detector, video doorbell, smart router, set-top box, and handheld devices.

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