Protective pads and bumper stops for industry, trade, electronics and household sectors

03-05-2019 | TTI Europe | Subs & Systems

3M Bumpon protective pads and bumper stops are useful accessories in the industry, trade, electronics and household sectors. These products are available now from TTI Europe. They promptly give anti-skid surfaces and are employed as spacers or stops. They are also perfectly suited for absorbing vibrations and noise and enable good air circulation. These protective products are constructed from permanently elastic high-quality polyurethane elastomer and coated with synthetic rubber/natural rubber or acrylate adhesive, therefore, they adhere to a mixture of different surfaces.

Ideal applications include as anti-skid, vibration-damping device feet, for electronic devices or household appliances; as vibration-damping, sealing spacers for metal sheets, facade elements or device housings; for spacers in air circulation, for example for circuit boards; and noise-absorbing, permanently elastic stops, for doors, drawers or furniture.

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