New SD and MSD cards launch worldwide

09-05-2019 | Apacer | Semiconductors

Apacer has introduced the CV110-SD and CV110-MSD cards, which offer compact size, high performance, high reliability, high security, low power consumption and wide compatibility. They support capacities of up to 256GB. The devices are compatible with card readers running up to SD card version 6.1, but also backward-compatible with version 3.0 and 2.0. They are completely compatible with the SD Card Association specifications, which includes Physical Layer Specification Version 6.1 and Security Specification Version 4.0.

The cards come with a 9-pin/8-pin interface created to work at a maximum operating frequency of 208MHz. They can vary communication protocols between SD mode and SPI mode. Moreover, they perform data error detection and correction while managing very low power consumption. The competitive characteristics of the products make them excellent for hand-held applications with customised firmware, including the healthcare, transportation, embedded and IPC industries. As 5G and IoT products become more mature, the cards will satisfy most deployments in edge-computing technology.

By Natasha Shek