New high-performance lightweight high-current relay saves space

08-05-2019 | TE Connectivity | Power

TE Connectivity has introduced its new Battery Disconnect Relay 12V (BDR 12V) for automotive high-current applications. The product extends the company's range of HC relays that can be used in automotive and industrial applications.

With the relay, the company provides a bi-stable high-current relay, particularly for higher current switching. Created for the increasing number of relay applications with particularly high-power demands, the relay allows a continuous current of 200A at 85C.

"Considering that vehicle components have to be smaller and lighter with the same or higher performance, we have succeeded in developing a high-current relay with an outstanding performance-to-space and weight ratio," says Jens Waldmueller, product manager at TE. "The 50mm x 50mm x 26mm dimensions and weight of 125 grams enable significant space and weight-saving. Automotive manufacturers who design in the BDR 12V can expect to save up to 20% of space within the battery management module compared to earlier product generations.”

Peak current capability of up to 3000A and a maximum shock load of up to 150g assure safe power switching, allowing use in harsh environments.

Typical applications of the device also include powerful electric heating elements and the switching of motors and pumps. The high current relay is also ideal for start-stop applications.

By Natasha Shek