LED series targets horticulture applications

31-05-2019 | RS Components | Lighting Technologies

RS Components now offers availability of a new selection of LUXEON LEDs from Lumileds that target horticulture applications.

The LUXEON SunPlus 2835 series has been designed to facilitate ease of system design in horticulture applications and is built to produce the precise wavelengths of light demanded to increase crop yield, either by complementing or conceivably replacing natural sunlight.

The series provides what is claimed to be the only LED line available on the market today that has been binned and tested to maximise PPF, which determines the amount of PAR offered by a light source each second. PAR is a key parameter employed by gardeners and other operators at indoor and greenhouse farming installations to control artificial lighting systems.

The series provides PPF/watt measurements from 1.84 for one of the purple LEDs (with 2.5% blue), up to 2.32 for the ‘deep red’ and ‘far red’ LEDs, defined at 120mA current flow and a device junction temperature of 25C. Other colours offered with differing levels of PPF/W, comprise two further purple LED types – integrating 12.5% or 25% blue – along with royal blue, lime and horticulture white.

The LEDs are offered in packages measuring 2.8mm x 3.5mm, providing a 120-degree light-distribution angle to achieve uniform light in greenhouse applications, and incorporate options for single LED-driver systems, as well as multi-channel and colour-tuneable solutions.

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