Extended range of switches and sensors offer limitless cost-effective solutions

31-05-2019 | JPR Electronics | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

JPR Electronics now stocks an extended range of products from Comus International, who design, develop and manufacture an extensive assortment of sensors and sensor-related products. Applications are found in such diverse market segments as medical, automotive, alarm and security, white goods, and defence/aerospace.

Products now stocked by the company include reed switches, proximity switches, linear acceleration switches, float switches, tilt switches, motion, level, pressure and vibration sensors, reed and solid-state relays and accessories including magnets and fuse kits.

Paul Raynor, director of JPR Electronics, comments, “Comus products offer an almost limitless and cost-effective solution to sensing and switching requirements. Their products can be found in industrial and manufacturing systems, consumer electronics including tablets and joysticks, alternative energy systems and medical equipment.”

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