TMR sensor offers highest auto safety level on a single chip

11-04-2019 | Mouser Electronics | Automotive Technologies

Mouser now offers the TLE5501 XENSIV magnetic sensors from Infineon Technologies. The company's first magnetic sensors based on tunnel magneto resistance (TMR) technology, the sensors are excellent for automotive BLDC motor commutation in devices such as pumps, wipers, and actuators, as well as using in steering angle sensing and integration in electric motors.

These magnetic sensors are AEC-Q100-qualified for a wide range of automotive applications. The E0001 version is pin-to-pin compatible with the company's TLE5009 angle sensor, while the E0002 is compliant with ISO 26262 standards for improved functional safety. The E0002 device is also the first to obtain the highest automotive functional safety grade for angle sensors, ASIL D, with only a single sensor chip.

The devices provide direct microcontroller connection through powerful output signals of up to 0.37V/V. The devices’ high output voltage enables them to be employed without an extra internal amplifier, offering a low-power, low-cost solution when connected direct to the microcontroller. The sensors feature a supply current of approximately 2mA and a magnetic field range of 20mT to 100mT.

The devices also offer a discrete bridge with differential sine and cosine output. While both sensors provide a typical angle error of only one degree over the complete temperature and lifetime profile, the E0002 device gives higher diagnostic coverage and redundant external angle calculation through the use of decoupled bridges.

These magnetic position sensors are perfect for automotive safety applications but can also be employed in industrial applications including robotics, gimbals and automation.

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