New small-angle antennas with stable and high gain

11-04-2019 | KP Performance Antennas | Subs & Systems

KP Performance Antennas has released a new line of 33-degree and 45-degree sector antennas with stable and high gain that are ideal for WISP applications such as base station access point antennas.

The company’s new small-angle ProLine series of sector antennas comprises of three models that achieve interference mitigation with azimuth and elevation side-lobe suppression. These small-angle sectors give ease and customisation of installation with included brackets and hoisting hook. They are excellent for frequency-reuse and LTE deployments in the 2GHz band. These sector antennas highlight extremely high front-to-back ratios and small side-lobes, serving to reduce noise in the link. This line is provided with two or four ports and a frequency range of 2300-2700MHz or 4900-5900MHz, depending on the model. They also boast 33-degree or 45-degree azimuth beamwidth and 19-20dBi of gain.

“These high-gain, small-angle sector antennas feature industry-leading side-lobe suppression and high front-to-back performance while serving tighter coverage areas with higher gain, equating to more subscribers to a single antenna,” explains Ken Izatt, product manager.

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