Technology saves time and money on network troubleshooting

11-04-2019 | IDEAL Networks | Test & Measurement

ISG Technology has undergone benefits beyond cost-effectiveness and time-saving, when installing cables and network troubleshooting, with the IDEAL Networks handheld NaviTEK NT Pro.

With customers scattered over large sites, such as big retail outlets or student accommodation, where working in tight spaces is often needed, test equipment demands to be easily portable. With the potential for troubleshooting call-outs to occur 24 hours a day, it is also crucial for network and cable test equipment to give a fast and simple solution.

“NaviTEK NT Pro saves us time, saves us money and makes my job a lot easier when it comes to troubleshooting,” says Justin Hill, senior engineer, of ISG Technology. “There were big benefits beyond just the cost savings.”

Whether working with copper or fibre cable, the device is a lightweight handheld tester that is simple to transport across large sites and makes operating in confined spaces easy, even when operating through awkward or ceiling-based access points.

“This is a more convenient and efficient alternative to network troubleshooting using a laptop or software tool,” explains Tim Widdershoven, IDEAL Networks marketing director. “Plus, a single tester can meet multiple needs, from checking a device is on the right VLAN to detecting the IP information or checking cable length for compliance with standards. This means less equipment is needed for efficient troubleshooting.”

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