Oscilloscope offers faster development and manufacturing of optical modules

01-04-2019 | Anritsu | Test & Measurement

Anritsu Corporation has introduced a four-channel sampling oscilloscope option for the BERTWaveTM MP2110A, allowing integration of multi-channel oscilloscope and BERT in an all-in-one unit.

Backbone networks and data centres increasingly use 100G Ethernet to satisfy anticipated traffic demand for services such as 5G and are contemplating implementing 400G Ethernet. The functionality of the optical modules used in these networks comprises NRZ/PAM4 signalling, multiple channels, and different wavelengths, which before needed expensive high-performance test systems. The pressure to decrease pricing needs more cost-effective test solutions that retain the flexibility to support future technologies.

The new oscilloscope option halves the unit cost per channel while keeping the same performance, allowing manufacturers to continue to be price-competitive.

With genuine multichannel support in hardware as well as software, the new device option allows high-efficiency measurement, not only of multi-channel modules but also of multiple single-channel modules for high-usability evaluation environments.

The new 4ch option allows a high-performance, economical, all-in-one instrument configuration for combined 1/2/4 channel oscilloscope and BERT, making it the perfect, flexible and cost-effective test solution for both development and manufacturing applications.

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