New liquid cold plates supply cooling for high-powered electronics

19-03-2019 | New Yorker Electronics | Subs & Systems

New Yorker Electronics has released Liquid Cold Plates that Supply Cooling for High-Powered Electronics, IGBT Modules, Lasers, Wind Turbines or Any Application Where Advanced, State-of-the-Art Cooling is Needed

For cooling high-powered electronics, IGBT modules, lasers, motor devices, wind turbines, automotive components or medical equipment, engineers are looking to liquid cooling solutions, and cold plates are a preferred method for supplying localised cooling to high-powered electronics.

By transferring heat from the device to a liquid that flows to a remote heat exchanger, the heat dissipates into either the ambient or to another liquid in a secondary cooling system. ATS new ATS-CP Series of IGBT Liquid Cold Plates offer a uniquely high thermal performance because of their mini-channel fin design. The internal, mini-channel fin structure improves the surface area to maximise heat transfer with low-pressure drop characteristics and provides uniform cold plate surface temperature.

The series of cold plates, at a flow rate of 4L/min, can transfer 1kW of heat between 5C to 7C temperature difference between the cold plate base and inlet fluid temperature, depending on the model. This process improves thermal performance by more than 30% as compared to commercially available cold plates.

Customization is also available. The plates are compatible with industry accepted coolants; for coolant with particles, #60 filters or finer are offered.

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