Effective energy harvesting with amorphous solar cells

05-03-2019 | TTI Europe | Subs & Systems

Panasonic have developed high-quality amorphous silicon solar cells called Amorton which surpass crystalline silicon cells in many aspects. Compared to crystalline cells, amorphous solar cells work more reliably and more efficiently at low light intensity. Further they require little energy to manufacture and use less raw materials. These devices are available now from TTI Europe.

As an environmentally friendly go-to option, they are an ideal solution for indoor applications with LED lighting and other low-light-intensity environments. Due to the patented applied production methods used to form the cells, it is possible to use substrates other than the regular glass such as stainless steel or plastic films. This shows that as well as customised shapes being easily be manufactured it is possible for more flexible, thin and durable solar cells to be produced. The choice of different substrates enables the solar cell to be tailored perfectly to any device.

Typical applications include Autarkic sensors and devices; wristwatches; displays, such as. e-books; pocket calculators; toys; and RFID tags.

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