New single-supply single-gate logic devices supports low voltage operation

04-03-2019 | Toshiba | Subs & Systems

Toshiba Electronics Europe has launched a range of single-supply single-gate logic devices. In total the lineup includes 31 devices that ease the design of voltage-level translation as applied in data communication between devices, such as between microprocessors and peripherals. These devices are offered in tiny packaging that guarantee that voltage translation can be performed even in applications with limited board space.

Previous voltage-level translation devices from the company needed two power sources; one for the input-side and one for the output-side. The new '7UL1G' and '7UL1T' series only need a single power source to support voltage-level translation. This simplifies board layout as well as removing concerns concerning power-on sequence for power supplies. These devices are ideal for applications using multiple power domains that have restricted board space such as smartphones, tablets, digital camera, laptop PCs, POS, and IoT equipment.

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