Constant-current LED drivers ideal for many display applications

05-03-2019 | Texas Instruments | Lighting Technologies

Texas Instruments TLC694x Constant-Current LED Drivers provides high multiplexing, high PWM resolution, and high refresh rates. The LED Drivers provide 16-channels, each independently adjustable to 65,536 steps of PWM grayscale control. The maximum constant-current value of all 16 channels is set by a single external resistor, employing 128 steps of global brightness control from 0.3mA to 25mA.

The device integrates enhanced circuits to resolve the various display issues in fine-pitch LED display applications. These cover the low-grayscale uniformity issue, coupling issue, ghosting issue, and caterpillar issue. Also, the device features an LED-open detection function with the results able to be read via a serial data interface port. Higher system reliability is guaranteed by using the thermal shutdown and IREF resistor short protection. The smart power-save mode sets the total current consumption to 1mA (typical) when all outputs are off.

The drivers are ideal for mono-colour, multi-colour, full-colour LED display; high-refresh-rate LED video display; and high-density, fine-pitch LED matrix display applications.

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