New dual wall heat shrink tubing designed for rapid application

14-03-2019 | TE Connectivity | Subs & Systems

TE Connectivity has released the BATTU heat shrink tubing, a dual wall, fire retardant product designed for battery/power cable to terminal applications in industrial and commercial vehicles, construction equipment, generator sets and more. The tubing products’ polyolefin jacket and thermoplastic inner adhesive wall provide superior performance in harsh environments. With an approximate 2:1 shrink ratio, this tubing is tailored for power cable to terminal applications, enabling faster application and potentially reducing applied costs. “Harness makers and OEMs asked us to help lower the applied cost for heat shrink tubing used over the cable to terminal interface on battery cables and other power cables, while still providing protection in harsh environments,” said Jing Lu, TE Connectivity’s tubing senior product manager. “Our team carefully evaluated the requirements and developed BATTU tubing. We optimised its composition, shrink ratio, sizes and cut lengths for faster application while offering excellent electrical isolation, mechanical protection, flame retardance and moisture resistance.” The company's tubing product line comprises three sizes from 12.7mm to 25.4mm (unrecovered inside diameter) to accommodate typical cable sizes from 16-120mm2 [6 AWG to 4/0 AWG]. Relatively short cut lengths, 32mm to 102mm, are tailored to expected application requirements, with specific lengths provided by tubing size. Additionally, 1.22m long sticks are offered. Full recovery temperature is 135C, and the tubing can be used in operating temperatures from -40C to 130C. This new tubing is flame retardant per IS07622 and is UL recognized, file E85381. Its voltage rating is 600V, and its dielectric strength is 19,700V/mm, minimum.

By Electropages Admin