New polarised machine vision camera and SDK available in mass-production quantities

20-03-2019 | Sony | Test & Measurement

Sony Europe’s Image Sensing Solutions' XCG-CP510, is claimed to be the first in a new category of polarised machine vision cameras. The device is now available in mass-production quantities. The module is claimed to be the industry’s first polarised camera to feature an SDK, which comprises a range of reference applications. This will significantly cut development time and cost for system integrators creating applications using polarised modules. The device is based on the company's newly developed IMX250MZR global shutter CMOS sensor, using monochrome quad polarised filters to capture polarised light in four planes. To obtain the best possible image from the sensor, the design of the module has been optimised by the company's industrial camera engineers and outputs 5.1MP polarised B/W images at 23fps, transmitted over a GigE interface. Areas to benefit from the new camera category include contrast improvement, stress inspection, scratch detection and object detection/removal/enhancement from a single image capture. The company is aimed at a broad range of manufacturing applications - from glass inspection to electronics - as well as the ITS and security sectors. Arnaud Destruels, marketing manager, Sony ISS commented: “This continues Sony’s history of innovation and precision, with the sensor and camera engineers working closely to enable the best possible image to be created while building in several beneficial features within a small footprint.”

By Electropages Admin