Class-D audio amplifier can be used in many different application

13-03-2019 | Mouser Electronics | Power

Infineon MA12040 Class-D Audio Amplifier, available from Mouser, is a filterless and super-efficient audio power amplifier based on proprietary multi-level switching technology. The device supports a broad supply voltage range, enabling it to be used in multiple applications. Multi-level switching allows very low power loss during operation. Also, it enables the amplifier to be used in filterless configurations at full rated power in a full range of audio products.

The device features an embedded digital power management scheme. The power management algorithm dynamically changes switching frequency and modulation to optimise power loss and EMI across the output power range. A 4th order feedback loop guarantees low distortion and a high PSRR. The device operates from a single PVDD and a 5V system supply voltage (DVDD, AVDD). Highly flexible output stage configurations are provided, ranging from four single-ended outputs to a single parallel-BTL output.

The device offers protection against DC, short-circuits, over-temperature, and under-voltage situations. Flexible 'Power Mode Profiles' enable the user to employ the multi-level switching technique for very low power loss or very high audio performance. Device configuration is controlled through an I2C interface as well as dedicated control pins.

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