IDEAL Networks – Convenient handheld industrial Ethernet network and cable tester

15-03-2019 | IDEAL Networks | Test & Measurement

IDEAL Networks has launched NaviTEK IE, claimed to be the first purpose-built handheld network tester, created for commissioning, preventative maintenance and troubleshooting of PROFINET Industrial Ethernet networks, as well as standard Ethernet IP networks.

The new, rugged copper and fibre troubleshooter has been produced to ease the process of testing both cabling and networks in Industrial Ethernet networks that employ the PROFINET protocol. Before, a laptop with specialist software would be needed to identify and test network nodes and configuration, which could be cumbersome in these typically ‘desk-free’ environments.

“With its compact, touchscreen design, NaviTEK IE has been designed to be a more convenient and efficient alternative to using a laptop, while catering for the physical differences between Industrial Ethernet cabling and other networks,” explains Tim Widdershoven, marketing director for IDEAL Networks. “With just one tester, technicians can troubleshoot at any point in a network and benefit from greater functionality than any other individual tester on the market.”

“In Industrial Ethernet applications, preventative maintenance is often key to keeping operations running profitably and efficiently. Consider a bottling plant for example,” says Tim. “A sensor that is operational but also generates errors could easily be overlooked however it could malfunction and result in factory downtime. With the health check feature, this is avoidable, as you can act on the problem when you see an ‘amber’ indication.”

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