New high power DC-DC converter in quarter-brick format offers high efficiency

13-03-2019 | Flex Power Module | Power

Flex Power Modules has launched the BMR490, a non-isolated digital IBC DC-DC converter with an output power of 1300W in the quarter-brick form factor. The new converter merges very high power density with exceptional thermal performance in a price-sensitive design, making it perfect for demanding applications such as data centres.

In developing the converter, the company has registered more than ten patents, which have, in part, led to notable improvements in the area of thermal management within the converter. To assist with the thermal performance, production has also been improved, with the baseplate screwed directly to the converter’s PCB. Combined, these measures point to an increase of usable power from the device of over 20% when matched to similarly rated modules in extended temperatures.

Olle Hellgren, director of Product Management and Business Development at Flex Power Modules, said: “In server and data centre applications, demands for power are always increasing. The new BMR490 provides an efficient solution with a very high power density, making it ideal for this kind of use case.”

The new converter is targeted at a mixture of high power applications including data centres, high-speed cloud, high-performance computing, high capacity storage and high-speed optical networking.

The input voltage range is 40V to 60V, with an output voltage of 12V and output current up to 145A. The input to output is non-isolated. The device is offered in an industry standard low-profile quarter brick package, measuring 58.4mm x 36.8mm x 14.5 mm (2.30" x 1.45" x 0.57").

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