High speed embedded printer for retail, vending and kiosk applications

11-03-2019 | BVM | Subs & Systems

BVM has launched the CAPM347, a 24VDC high-speed rugged thermal print and cut unit optimised for usage in ticketing and vending machines, lottery terminals, receipt printing, ATMs or other industrial, retail or medical applications. Two versions are offered: for Point-of-Sale receipt printers and similar uses, the 'Easy Load' version with a removable thermal head that allows simple drop-in roll replacement. The 'Auto Load' model has a hinged thermal head assembly for embedded designs such as kiosk and ticketing machines and an optical sensor which automatically starts replacement paper loading. Both versions offer print speeds of 300mm/s on standard 58, 60, 80 and 83mm wide paper up to 90-micron thickness; the thick paper model prints at 280mm/s on paper up to 150-micron thick. The integral cutter has a hardened V-shaped blade specified to two million operations of either partial or complete cuts leaving a small centre point attached between receipts.

The units have an all-metal body, powerful motors and wide gears throughout to ensure reliability. They are intended to output more than 1.3 million x 150mm receipts with up to 640 dots/line. 16 x 8, 16 x 16, 24 x 12 and 24 x 24 characters are supported, resolution is 8 dots/mm.

The communication interface with the host machine is through serial, parallel or USB with Seiko’s interface boards or control chips; Windows and Linux drivers are available.

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